The Leaping Leaf Review (

The Leaping Leaf Review (

The Leaping Leaf Review

The Leaping Leaf has been my favorite company for a great number of years now, and I thought that I would share them with my readers!

This is the website that inspired me to begin my own kratom company. Strong products and great customer service always make for a wonderful experience when you are shopping online.

TheLeapingLeaf.Com is a very customer-oriented site. They make sure to ship out all of their packages the same day that the order is received. Nobody wants to wait for their kratom and The Leaping Leaf is fully aware of that fact!

I also love the products they have to offer. Maeng Da Kratom is great from these guys and that is hard to come by in this field.

The only downfall to this website is the fact that there prices are much higher than their competitors. While their products are high quality, we at Kratomia strive to bring you the same high quality kratom at an even lower price!

Kratom Withdrawal

Kratom Withdrawal

Many people have used kratom to help with withdrawal from heroin, opium, or synthetic opiate medication. Big pharma has done a great job of pushing these habit forming medications on people that don’t even need them, and then many times they  become dependent on the drug. I know so many people that have been through detoxes, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 18 month drug programs all due to the fact that they were addicted to opiates and afraid of the withdrawal.

With all of the horror stories that I have encountered with heroin and other opiates, I have also heard many miracles that were helped by kratom withdrawal replacement. Since mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline (the active chemicals in kratom) affect the µ-opiod receptors, kratom can be used in place of very hard drugs to help aid in their withdrawal.  Although kratom may not produce the same type of high as the previously abused drug, many people have told me how the use of kratom significantly helped them through their withdrawal symptoms and even produces a euphoric effect while doing it.

The process of getting off hard drugs with kratom is typically a very smooth and easy transition. Withdrawal is a very bad experience and kratom is an amazing plant that can really help!

Try out kratom withdrawal!

SaveOnKratom (SaveOnKratom.Com) Review

SaveOnKratom (SaveOnKratom.Com) Review

SaveOnKratom Review

SaveOnKratom.Com is a website that I have used for the last couple of years from time to time.

The website is very ugly and it can be very hard to navigate at times. That is not the only problem I have encountered with these guys either. I have had a couple of instances where the shipping took much longer than expected to get here. I am not sure if this site is based in another country but I have received a couple of international packages from them.

Maybe they sent it directly from their supplier, but that is still no excuse if the site promises fast shipping.

There isn’t much to complain about when it comes to the product, except for the price and how long it may take for you to receive it. I have found most of the products I have tried from SaveOnKratom to actually deliver a decent potency.

This is one of those websites that I would recommend, but only if your main supplier is temporarily out of stock.

Where to buy Kratom

Many people are searching online for a qualty website to buy kratom online.

While there many choices out there, most will agree that there are a lot of shady vendors trying to take your money. Others are slow on shipping, and some have products that I wouldn’t even think about using. It is tough to weed through all of the bad sites out there, but here at Kratomia we have done all of the work for you WHILE providing you top notch products at a cheap price!

Shipping time is a big issue for most people wondering where to buy kratom online, and that’s why Kratomia has same day shipping on every order! A lot of other vendors take days to ship or don’t provide a tracking number, and you should not have to experience that!

We also invite our users and readers to input their knowledge and kratom experiences on our comments section, or upcoming forum!

Once you try us you won’t think twice about where to buy kratom!

Kratom Effects

Kratom Effects

Kratom is an amazing plant with an abundance of potential. The effects of kratom vary from variety to variety and strain to strain. The effects will also vary from user to user as well.

As I said before,  certain strains of kratom have unique qualities. Each of these particular strains can be used to alleviate a specific  ailment you may be suffering.

Here are some examples, Red Vein Kratom is a potent variety that many claim help them for insomnia. Because of it’s high potency, it is also very relaxing. Some people like to use Red Vein Kratom just for it’s relaxing effects. Others use this strain for pain, and this turns out to be quite effective since the active chemical in kratom affects the same receptors in the brain as morphine. This can either diminish pain significantly in someone suffering or create quite the euphoria for someone who is pain free. Either way, that makes Red Vein Kratom one of the most popular varieties out there. White Vein Kratom, on the other hand, tends to produce very different effects on one’s psyche.  It is an uplifting effect well suited for replacing coffee in the morning to help yourself wake up. It also has energizing effects which can great for someone who has a very long day of work ahead of them and needs a natural boost of energy. I love White Vein Kratom because it makes me feel motivated. The extra little something that it gives my mind helps me get through menial tasks with ease.

That is just an example of kratom effects produced from 2 different varieties. Picture how many different mixes you could try out to suite you best. Kratom is a wonderful plant that has many uses.

Check back for more kratom effects.

Best Kratom Powder

Best Kratom Powder

best kratom powder

Are you searching for the best kratom powder online? Look no further! Kratomia gets high quality kratom from high quality vendors and no one can match our reliability.

Our product does not vary from week to week and month to month like many of our competitors, which you have unfortunately undoubtably tried. The kratom capsules that you make are only as good as the kratom powder you put in them, and that is why we strive to bring the best product to the market.

Quality kratom powder is hard to come by, but at Kratomia, we make it easy! We carry many different varieties of kratom, since we know each one has a different property you are looking for.

We also provide organic caps, capsule machines, kratom blends, kratom resin, and the information to help you meet all of your kratom needs.

Our kratom powder is famous! Come find out why!